There’s a general belief here in this part of the world that all cartoons are meant for kids and the sight of an adult watching cartoons is considered embarrassing to some people. Well, here are 7 cartoons that will definitely change their minds.



This is one cartoon I’ll refer to as my favorite animated series, Its basically about the adventures of  4 kids Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny in the dysfunctional town of South Park Colorado. It is indeed an entertaining tv show and very controversial. I wouldn’t advice parents to let their kids watch this because i the decide to follow in the footsteps of Eric Cartman who happens to be the most popular character of the series, they just mind end up as manipulative psychopaths just like him. This is definitely one of those cartoons meant just for adults.



A hilarious cartoon series about the adventures of the Griffin family consisting of Peter the dad who does stupid things mostly for no reason, Lois the beautiful and smart house wife, the son Chris who can be quite dumb and naive, Meg the not so good looking daughter and Stewie the evil genius who can be really violent when messed with and keeps on trying to kill his mother who he seems to hate so much but misses when she isn’t around and lastly, their talking dog Brian who wants to be a writer.



One of the oldest and most successful cartoon series about the Simpsons in a town called Springfield. There’s the dumb dad who also does lots of stupid stuff, then Marge the beautiful and intelligent mom and the kids Bart who’s always getting in trouble, Lisa who’s really smart and the baby Maggie who just cant get enough of her pacifier. It might seem similar to family guy but you have to watch them both to see just how very different they are from each other with both of them being really entertaining.



When Fry a pizza delivery boy ends up accidentally being frozen in time only to wake up a thousand years later into a strange futuristic world where travelling between planets seems like a journey between states and robots drink beer. Fry then ends up working at an interplanetary delivery service along with his crew members Leela, Amy, Zoidberg and my favorite character of them all Bender and you can bet that travelling between planets is going to be really adventurous, fun and sometimes dangerous.



This is basically about the adventures of Rick an alcoholic scientist and his naive grandson Morty as they occasionally explore their universe as well as other universes. During the course of their exploration they come across crazy characters and get themselves in violent and weird situations which is really fun to watch.



With the last season being a little disappointing for not being half as interesting as previous ones, you’d be better off watching the first 3 seasons which have more than enough episodes to keep you entertained while laughing your ass off. This series is about Huey Freeman who’s quite wise and intelligent and his street-smart brother Riley who just loves getting into trouble. They both live with their granddad who just wants to live in peace which seems quite difficult with the 2 boys around.



Where i come from, i could probably get shot for not including Naruto on this list………Lol, just kidding. But this is one manga series that’s got a really deep story about Naruto Uzumaki who’s parents sacrificed themselves just after his birth to save the Hidden Leaf village from a Nine tails demon which was then sealed inside him thereby making him a Junchiriki. For the fact that he had a demon in him, he was rejected and hated by his people. He therefore strives hard to gain acceptance by his people and fulfill his ultimate dream of becoming an Hokage.

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