When you buy a new Windows computer or do a fresh Install of Windows OS on your computer, you notice how fast and responsive it is. But after days of installing several apps you might realize that the PC isn’t as fast as it used to be when there weren’t  any apps on it. You also realize that no matter how much you restart it, it just doesn’t feel as it used to and sometimes it might take a while to boot up. One of the reasons for this is that as you install new apps, some of them are set to start up automatically whenever you boot up. This happens sometimes without the knowledge of the user. Here are some of the effects the auto start up of some apps have on your PC

Effects of  auto Startup Apps on your PC

  1. Long boot up times
  2. Slow PC performance
  3. Reduced battery life
  4. Reduced gaming performance

All these effects are sometimes as a result of these apps starting up automatically and running in the background while you use your PC. Therefore, these apps should be stopped from starting up automatically and affecting your PC performance,  follow the steps below to disable apps from starting up automatically

How to disable apps from auto start

  •  Firstly, start task manager. This can be done either through shortcut by pressing ctrl+shift+esc or by right clicking taskbar and selecting task manager as seen on the image below

task bar


  • Secondly, select the startup tab of the task manager


task manager

Here you will find all the apps that startup automatically with their startup impact, click each one and select disable.

  • Lastly, close the task manager and restart the PC

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