Here are the top 5 things to consider when buying a mobile phone in Nigeria.


Nigerians love mobile phones, and as long as say we get enough money for hand we no go hesitate to upgrade our phones. As soon as you don decide to get a new phone, here are major the things to consider based on your budget.

Battery life

battery mobile, mobile phone in Nigeria

As long as say you be Nigerian then you no fit dey get light 24 hours therefore, the first thing to check about the phone wey you wan buy na the battery life. So if u no wan dey carry charger up and down based on say your phone battery no dey last, check the battery capacity of whatever phone you have online by simply googling it, and as far as im concerned, any phone with a battery capacity above 3000mah should take you throughout the day as long as say you no turn your phone to gaming machine dey play game for like 4 hours straight.


Processor speed

clock speed, mobile phone in Nigeria

The processor speed is one of the major things that determines how fast your phone is. Therefore to avoid situation wey you dey even struggle to type message for whatsapp because of sluggishness of your phone, go for a phone with at least 1.2ghz processor.



random access memory, mobile phone in Nigeria

This is what determines how many apps you can run simultaneously at any given time on your phone. For example if you open Whatsapp, it takes up some part of your Ram, then you come open Facebook, Instagram, Baddoo all at the same time, each of these app dey take space for your Ram. So in a situation where your phone get small Ram you come dey try run all these apps at once, your phone just ends up getting really sl0w, therefore it is better to get a phone with a Ram of at least 1.5GB.


Operating System

mobile operating system, mobile phone in Nigeria

The major options available here include Android, IOS and Widows mobile………well, nobody dey really send Windows mobile anymore. So Android offers flexibility on to say you fit customize am anyhow you like with launchers and themes, it also has a lot of apps available for it although you need to dey careful with the kind apps wey you install for your android which is why you should only download your apps from the play store to avoid downloading virus infected apps to your phone. IOS on the other hand offers much better security as well as regular updates but you cant use themes here or customize the phone anyhow you want so its up to you.


Phone size

phone size, mobile phone in Nigeria

It goes without saying that if you have small hands then you should definitely stick to smaller sized phones beacuse to carry big sized phone go taya you however, if you come get big hands it can be really frustrating using a small sized phone because of the small screen resulting in small icons. Big sized phones also have a problem of being so bulky and sometimes heavy when you put them in your pockets but if this isn’t a problem for you then you shouldn’t hesitate to get one.

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