How to fix ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ on Android Smartphones with ease

Learning to use a smartphone is as easy as learning to walk. All you need to do is understand the basics, and you are all set to use your smartphone inside out. Even toddlers who are aging from 1-year-old use smartphones nowadays. You might come across situations where your smartphone freezes, or it totally blacks out, or you lose your important data. Such situations can be handled by you easily. But, there are situations where you cannot solve the issues which arise in your smartphone. Its noticeable and noted that Android 6.0 to 7.1 comes with the issues of  ‘screen overlay detected ‘ with most  people not knowing what it means. However, they do realize that this message is not a good sign.

Whats Screen Overlay ?

Screen Overlay Detected Error: This message pops up on your display screen when you have a floating app running on your device, and you run a newly installed app which requests access rights on it, which is App Permission

Floating apps causing this trouble are quite much Apps such as; The chat heads of Facebook Messenger, CleanMaster, Lux, and Twilight are the apps which bring you the ‘screen overlay detected‘ trouble, mostly Apps that supports pop up’s notifications.

Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Permanently solved

This a step by step guide that will guide you through fixing screen overlay detected permanently;

Guide 1- First thing first, you will have to know which apps in your smartphone have the permission to draw over your screen. To know this, you need to follow the steps listed below.

1. Go to the Settings of your smartphone.

2. Here, go to ‘Apps‘ and then, select ‘Draw over other apps.’

How to fix 'Screen Overlay Detected' on Android Smartphones with ease

The list of all the apps which are allowed to draw over other apps on your smartphone comes up for you to see.

Guide 2- We ve seen the list of all the apps which might be causing this trouble, next is the solution so you have to find the one which is actually creating this problem. To identify this  we gonna have have to stick to the following;

1. If you find app bubble in the list of the apps, it is highly recommended to disable this app.

2. If you have apps which change the color of your screen or to adjust the brightness of your screen, disable such apps too.

3. Clean Master is an app which is mostly responsible for this message to appear.

4. If the problem is still not solved, disable all the apps from the list.

Guide 3- Now, when you launch an app, it must launch without any ‘Display overlay detected’ error message. If you still find the message displayed, it might be due to the one hand keyboard setting which you can deactivate from the Settings. Go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> One-handed operation. If you still didn’t get rid of the annoying error, then you still have a shot left.

How to fix 'Screen Overlay Detected' on Android Smartphones with ease

Guide 4- The last option in this guide  is to turn off every app which has the permission to draw over your screen in permission settings, then turning them on only for the apps which you actually wanna use.

Also you can boot the device to safe mode, to change the app preference and grant permission to the necessary needed apps before rebooting the device back to normal mode this method has also proven to have work out pretty well too.

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