Remove Frp on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge using SGS7 Frp Tool

Ever want to remove Frp lock on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device with ease on your P.c, well here’s a tool that will do just that for you in a few seconds.

What this tool does

This tool helps you to by pass or remove Frp on  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It comes as a combination file format capable of removing your Frp lock out device with ease under seconds, you could also check the status of your device with this tool too. This tool allows you to remove or bypass FRP on various models of Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 Edge including G930F, G930FD, G930TX, G930RX, G930V, G935F, G935FD.

Download Instructions

1. First Download Setup File Below Link
2. Extract with the file
3. Install Setup File your Pc
4. Run set up
5. Connect the device to the Pc via Usb cable and select your preferred function.

Alternative Name: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge FRP Tool

Download here 

Size: 51.4 mb

ver 1.o
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Frp Tool is created and developed by Naijarom Team, all credit goes to Naija Rom Team. It supports windows 7,  8, and 10 in that order 32bit 64bit.
This post is made for those who have the knowledge about removing Frp Lock  on  a device and for educational purposes removing Frp lock in some country is deemed illegal.

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