Mtn Free data tweak cheat bypass fix with Eproxy VPN application

Updated  links with Video Tutorial

Most folks complained about not been able to browse with the previous Mtn tweak provided last week, so i ve decided to write an article on a new working method using Eproxy Vpn Application on your Android smartphones.

The Eproxy VPN App is also very fast and it powers all Apps, but just like the HTTP Injector it doesn’t work on rooted Android phones(now you know why its probably a bad idea to root your android device). So if your phone is rooted then you might want to try out Spark VPN or KPNTunnel Rev instead.

Below is the full procedure on how to setup the Eproxy VPN for MTN browsing cheat.
MTN Free Browsing Cheat with Eproxy VPN
** Your non rooted Android phone.
** MTN SIM (with no active data plan).
** Eproxy VPN App. Download it HERE or HERE.
** Eproxy Config file for the MTN N0 Tweak
Download it HERE  rename to .epro or leave it as .epro if its already like that.
Note for this tweak to work you ve to download the Eproxy App, The Epro config file and the DB config file
Eproxy Settings for MTN Free Browsing Tweak
>> Download and install the Eproxy VPN app from the link provided above
>> Download the config file .db from this LINK. rename to .db or create one at
>>Open Eproxy App and click the three straight line on the left top corner
Mtn Free data tweak cheat bypass fix with Eproxy VPN application
>>Click on SSH Configuration
>>Click on the Three dots on the top right corner
>>Click on restore profile
>>Import the config file bearing teeno signature .db
>> Launch the eProxy App and click on the Plus icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
>> Locate the epro config file you downloaded earlier and select it.
>> Click on Start and wait for a few seconds for the VPN App to connect.
>> Or Watch the video below if you ve installed eProxy app and downloaded the much needed files the epro and .db setups
Thats basically everything you need to get you started do enjoy the tweak and note that it is capped at 1gb limit daily.


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