Airtel Awoof Data How To Get 1GB with N350 On Airtel Nigeria

I know you love cheap and affordable data, that’s why I’m here for you. Ngeeek is the best website you can get stuffs like this from daily. Let’s talk about the Airtel Download Bundle Data Plan.

The Airtel Download Bundle plan is a new plan from Airtel NG specifically meant for downloading. Maybe you have something like movies to download or any doc at all, then Airtel download bundle might come in handy for you. 
It gives you 1GB for N350 and valid for just 24hours.

How To Get 1GB On Airtel With N350?

  • Dial *141*354# to get the plan

Note: this offer is valid just for a day and works on all mobile devices and Personal computers.

The only difference between this offer and that of N500 for 1GB valid for 7 days is just the duration. If you don’t have anything to download, no need going for this offer except you just want to experiment with it.


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Prince Dave
Prince Dave

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